Smartflow® Tracer® VM Bluetooth Interface

| August 24, 2017

Burger & Brown Engineering is pleased to introduce the Smartflow® Tracer® VM Bluetooth Interface. The interface connects directly with up to 8 Tracer VM Base (non-display) Flowmeters installed in injection mold cooling water channels. Low voltage analog outputs from the flowmeters are converted to temperature and flow rates inside the interface box and transmitted wirelessly to an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet for display. An unlimited number of Tracer VM Bluetooth Interfaces can be monitored using the free app available from iTunes™ or Google™ Play stores.

The Tracer VM Bluetooth Interface allows processors to view cooling water conditions on remote devices up to 20 meters away. Multiple Tracer VM Base installations are simplified by using power, ground and signal termination inside the interface housing. An extra USB port provides device charging. The gasketed plastic enclosure provides protection from water spray in wet environments.

The Tracer VM Bluetooth Interface allows processors to display temperature and flow rates from economical non-display TracerVM Base Flowmeters with vortex shedding technology without the need for more sophisticated process monitoring equipment.

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