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When you place an ad in the print edition, it is automatically included in the digital edition. The digital edition is delivered via e-mail and also accessible online. This means your ad will reach an additional 15,000+ potential buyers. The digital edition is a great FREE addition to your marketing campaign.

The digital publication emphasizes your exposure among print subscribers and expands your reach to digital-only magazine subscribers. Take advantage of our dynamic videos and live URL/email links to engage and convert Web savvy users into paying customers.


*Video On Ad in Digital Edition: Make your ad come to life and speak to prospects. Design your ad so that there is a place to play the video making it an interactive experience. Cost $2500 per issue.

*Navigation Page Video: Place your video on the navigation page that appears alongside the cover. Only $2500 per issue. Only 2 spots available per month.

*Suggested length for video 1 minute or less, if longer let’s discuss. Accepted formats: .mpg, .wmv, .flv, and .avi

Navigation Page Banner: Your company information will be placed on the navigational page of our digital publication, which is the first thing buyers see when they open their digital edition. It can either link to your ad in the publication or directly to your website. Only $1000 per spot. Dimensions: 2-5/16″ x 1-2/16″ 240 dpi


Requirements for good, usable PDFs:

  • Must be CMYK
  • All fonts must be embedded, including “base 14” fonts
  • Crop marks can remain on page
  • Images must be a minimum of 240 dpi or higher

*There are many factors that have an effect on how well the ad can be searched. We make no guarantees that the ad will be searchable. All web site addresses and email addresses will have a direct link.

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