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Plastics Hotline was first introduced in 1990 and is now, 20 years later, the most cost-effective and user-friendly publication serving the plastics processing market today. Plastics Hotline was initially designed as a weekly publication serving readers such as injection molders, extruders, blow molders, recyclers, fabricators, thermoformers and compression molders.

Thanks to the feedback and request of many of our loyal readers and advertisers, Plastics Hotline is pleased to announce that starting with the March 2010 Issue we will change our printed format from a weekly to a monthly publication (yet each issue will mail to more buyers than ever before). Our readers are still the same people but the market as we know it, has changed and the weekly format we were founded on is no longer necessary. Our loyal readers will continue to read Plastics Hotline for one reason and one reason only – to find out about the latest industry buying opportunities. Our monthly issues will continue to be accessible to readers worldwide through our digital publication.

In addition to the change in frequency, we also changed the distribution to more accurately target the audience that we believe will be most interested in the products and services contained within. (Click here to see the current distribution breakdown)

Plastics Hotline will also have a complete facelift! We have changed the logo and website to a more modern, updated look. We believe you will find the new website to be a more valuable resource tool than ever before with exciting content that will keep you coming back for more.

With all of these exciting changes, one thing will remain constant. Plastics Hotline will continue to be the most cost-effective marketing tool in the industry.


President/Publisher- Steve Scanlan
HR & Accounting Manager- Tara Scanlan
Systems Administrator- Angi Hiesterman
Operations- Jody Kirchoff
Customer Service- Chris Hoff
Publication Coordinator- Barb Mason
Web Design- Josh Scanlan
List Marketing- Jim Rykhus
Marketing Consultants: Mary Ann Black, Tawnie Bell

We welcome your questions/comments. Please feel free to contact us.
Local Phone: 515-574-2235
Toll Free: 888-247-2006
Fax: 515-574-2237
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